Weather in Egypt

The Jewel in Egypt ‘s crown is its climate since it’s distinguished by long hours of sunshine, beautiful light, little rain and ideal temperature moreover Egypt has one of the most stable climates in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. This makes it a perfect place for film making.

The climate of Egypt is characterized by a warm or hot season from June to October and a cool season from November to May. Extreme temperatures during both seasons are moderated by the prevailing northern winds.

The only differences between the seasons are variations in daytime temperatures and changes in prevailing winds. In the coastal regions, temperatures range between an average minimum of 14° C in winter and an average maximum of 30° C in summer. There are 5 days called (Khamsin) between March and April, when sandstorms can occur sporadically, blowing in different places according to the wind direction.

When to Film in Egypt:

Deciding when to come to Egypt to film your project depends a lot on where you would like to film. Temperatures in different parts of Egypt vary widely depending on which part of Egypt you are interested in filming in and on what season. For example Sharm Al Shiekh, Hergada, Taba, Luxur, Sinai Aswan all have perfect weather between November and May where the temperature is just right around 20C with beautiful sunshine and daylight, whereas in the summer season which is between June and October could be significantly hot and humid. Therefore, winter is the best season to film in those areas.

In the north, the cooler temperatures of Alexandria during the summer have made the city a popular spot for filming during that season. Consequently, locations will be chosen accordingly to your planned arrival date to Egypt but if you are not obliged to tight filming schedules, our team would professionally advice you depending on your filming requirements when to come to Egypt to film your desired locations when it is best suitable, pleasant and comfortable for everyone to do so.

Current Weather in Egypt