Our Team

The real asset of Filmedia Production is its team members. The team members of Filmedia Production obtained higher degrees in different media expertise, which allows them to complements each other and together they create a complete, highly qualified and success oriented production package. Since their humble beginnings in the late 90s Filmedia team members worked on hundreds of productions and have strived to expand their academic knowledge of cinematography, mass communication and production management to meet bigger challenges that have reinforced their capacities and kept them devoted to the essential elements of success: working hard, fulfilling all client needs and never shy away from competition or resist reinvesting in the future.


Ahmed Kardous

Ahmed is the Chairman of Filmedia which is an outgrowth of his academic knowledge and intensive experience n the media industry. Ahmed Kardous has graduated from the prestigious Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt and has been perusing his career as one of Egypt’s youngest and talented cinematographer ever since. Over his 10 years experience Ahmed has had the opportunity to work with many of the best Egyptian and foreign directors around and was able from the very beginning of his career. The great thing is that he was exposed to many approaches and styles in cinematography. He created a personal style and worked very hard to make certain that whatever story is being told is enhanced and communicated with the light and images that brings it to life in its best manner.

Executive Producer

Hani Kardous

Since he joined the Higher Institute of Cinema Hani Kardous had been working as a producer on hundreds of music videos, commercials, feature films, TV series, programs and documentaries. Samir worked as production manager with many famous Egyptian and foreign directors.
Hani also has a great experience in working as a production manager on many of the foreign productions that took place in Egypt like the Ukrainian movie “Love me love me not” and a Russian Editorial Fashion Story and a Swedish Commercial for “Tetra Pak” among many others with Japanese, French and Russian crews.
He has great experience as well in producing commercials for international clients like Galaxy Chocolate, Vodafone, Nestle, and Link DSL. His dream is to achieve the delicate balance between business and art and to achieve the maximum value for the production without compromising the quality.


May Yacoubi

Yacoubi has acquired her under graduate degree in Multimedia Design from The American University in Sharjah, U.A.E. By the time she graduated she had worked as assistant producer on many international commercial filmed in Dubai directed by international directors.
At the same time she was the production manager for a monthly lifestyle magazine that she and a group of talented people created and published together and was a great success.
As she was growing in the field she decided that she needs to expand her knowledge and experience in the media field; therefore she joined the American University of Cairo AUC and got a Masters degree in Journalism and Mass Communication. Likewise all Filmedia Team her dream is to make films that are lasting, memorable and profitable productions.

Production Manager

Mohamed Kardous

Work as a Film Production Manager from 10 years and as a Location Manager inside and outside Egypt in a lot of TV commercials, Films, Documentaries, Music Clips, Photography and Dubbing.