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British / American – Documentary 2

The concept of this documentary is to show that BAT aims mainly to continue outgrowing the competition and to be the biggest and best player in the Africa Middle East region over the next ten years and beyond. This documentary is one of many in a series that we will be developing to help keep everyone up-to-date with the progress of projects of BAT (British American Tobacco) in the Africa Middle East region. The script and the story board of this documentary emanate from the structure of the great Giza pyramids and was designed to emphasize how the structure is the key for anything. For if the foundations aren’t solid, one’s vision can never be realized. This Documentary was filmed in 4 days at many locations in Cairo. The most important location was the great Pyramids of Giza during sunset. It was also filmed in down town Cairo, Fruits and herbs old markets like Ghureyya and Moskey, in many coffee shops and Kiosk with BAT and competitor brands and dilapidated business buildings in downtown Cairo.

  • DirectorSasha Damjanovsk
  • DOPSteve Albins
  • Production ManagerAhmed Kardous
  • Production SupervisionProduction Supervision

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