Post Production

If you choose to edit and post-produce your project in Egypt, we can introduce you to the leading editors, computer graphics companies, animators and sound studios here. We also have very strong relations with many post-production companies in Lebanon, Turkey and London.

Film Processing

Filmedia Productions will find you the lab that best suits your production needs with the best quality and value to you time and money. Our labs in Egypt are very professional, efficient and cost effect.
Their processing services range from 8mm, 16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm processing. We also have labs working 12 hours a day 6 days a week with Telecine specialized technicians operating on these labs.


After all the hard work in pre-production and filming now it is the time to assemble your video and audio, your special effects or animation.
It is the process that brings your script to live and create a final product that we hope all the hard work, experience and vision will be reflected in.
Editors we work with are the best in the industry and have vast experience in editing award winning feature films, music videos, documentaries and have a proven record of excellence that is reflected in their work.

Post Production Sounds

Filmedia Production will connect you with only the best post production professionals in Egypt who have a substantial experience in post production sounds.
Depending on your post production requirements; our production specialists will connect you with the most suited sound engineers for your post production needs.
Whether those needs are music composing, sound editing, mixing and design we will guarantee that it will even exceed your expectations.

Translation and Subtitling

Whether your production needs subtitling from and to any language, or on location translator or interpreter we at Filmedia only recruit the most qualified and most professional translators and interpreters who have proven records of excellence in the field to meet our clients’ needs.
We have experts in virtually every language that exists from English to Chinese and are at many times multilingual.
Our experts are capable of providing our clients with full range of services from working on commercials, films, programs of any types and formats.
Moreover, our subtitlers have established records of accuracy and ability to work under the pressure of time and still be able to provide our clients with the best quality work.

Voice Over

At Filmedia we work with the best and most famous voiceover professionals in Egypt. Whether your production is a commercial, movie or a documentary we can recommend the best voices to suit your requirements in a multitude of languages.


Whether you motion picture needs any type of music be it classical, ethnic, modern, and folk or even a song we at Filmedia are proud to bring to your service limitless amount of talented musicians Egypt proudly present.
Egyptian musician and music composers in Egypt have great experience in writing music for different purposes.
Whether your production is a feature film, commercial or a documentary we will make sure that your production is complemented with music that is like icing on a perfect cake.


There are many professional graphic and animation professionals in Egypt who are extremely innovative ad talented high end visual effects, 2D and 3D modeling and design animation and motion graphics for films, television and interactive productions.