We offer full professional support to film-makers shooting in Egypt, Middle East and Africa, through all three phases of the production process: pre-production, production and post-production.

Production Office & Facilities

Since pre-production phase could be intensive and requires extensive hard work; we at Filmedia thought about all the needs of the pre-production phase and created top of the line office space that provides a friendly working environment accessible 24/7 with spacious professional meeting rooms. The office is also equipped with full range office supplies and provides the following services: Secretarial services, LCD TV screens, sound systems, telephone, wireless internet, fax, photocopying, mail handling, and courier services.

Permits and paper work

There are many unofficial production companies that carry foreign audiovisual production businesses here in Egypt. While by Egyptian law companies that intend to carry out foreign work in Egypt may only do so by means of contracts with Egyptian producers, who should have official permits and fulfilled the legal requirements to practice the production business.

That would be to the benefit of the client since all the permits, paper work and film stock entry and departure would be legal. Therefore by being an official production house in Egypt we can minimize any risk during the production and the whole process of getting permits to shoot on any location of your choice is simple and quickly approved after the fulfillment of the legal requirements.

Pre-production phase is very important phase of the production process if not the most important. It requires good planning, thorough preparation and detailed knowledge of the local market. Our highly skilled and experienced producers at filmedia have great connections with all government departments and are fully aware of the required permits necessary to carry on your shoot trouble-free.

Our team members have a great capability in processing all your paper work and permits in a very short period of time and with reasonable costs. We have got the necessary knowledge, experience and competence to deal with existing regulations; we are legally commissioned by the Egyptian cinematographic authorities to applicant for shooting permits and deal with local authorities and police throughout the country for special permits.

Government relations, industry and business contacts help smooth the way so that few if any obstacles take place during your shoot. Filmedia maintains these contacts because, quite honestly, we are industry players!

Scouting locations

Egypt does not only have one of the most stable climates in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. But the real treasure of Egypt is its rich variety of locations and its exceptional ability to “clone” or provide replicas of other parts of the globe.

Whether you need to replicate a foreign location or you need something new, the chances are that you can find it in Egypt. All these locations are fresh to international audiences, cost very little, and are easy to manage and get permits for.

Beside Egypt being a very ancient land and home of the Pharos, it has been conquered and colonized by many civilizations during its long history; each of which left its architectural mark.

As soon we receive your script, story board or just give us a description of what you are looking for we will find a choice of locations which fit the requirements of the script, budget and geographical limits, for the director to choose from. With our knowledge of the country and extended experience in the field, we are able to give the best advice on all aspect of shooting in Egypt.

Script Assistance

In the case where you need assistance with your movie’s script, Filmedia can connect you with Egypt’s most professional and skillful script writers. The experts we select are always the best in their fields of expertise which could include script writing, story board help or editing and writing for performance art.

Casting and Talents

Egypt has a very diverse population that spans all racial groups, this mix of ethnicities and cultures mirrors the populations of Africa, US, Europe, and Asia. Egypt is also known to be Hollywood of the Middle East with the largest number of talented actors, actress, singers and performance arts in general.

Casting is one of the most important and essential parts of production. At Filmedia our casting database is equipped and constantly updated with actors, models and talents who are carefully profiled for fast and efficient casting at the clients’ demand. We also offer fresh new faces of all ages, types and races for the commercials market in order to serve the fast growing client’s needs.


At Filmedia we have worked with hundreds of models from different age groups, backgrounds, looks and characteristics and we have the ability to constantly recommend the best and most professional cast that would be ideally suited for your production whether it is a photo shoot, commercial or a feature film. We have a database with hundreds of professional models from different parts of the world. Our modeling database includes men, women and children from different ages and nationality trying to provide our clients with the most divers group of people to select from what suits their production needs. Our models are very professional when it comes to being in front of the camera, and are extremely co-operative and professional.

Performance Arts

Egypt has been considered the Hollywood of the Middle East since the 1960s until our day. Thanks to the exceptionally talented individuals this country never failed to provide in all forms of arts. So if your production requires any kind of talents just name it and we will provide it from the huge database of talents we have at Filmedia. Whether your production needs actors/actresses, musicians from any kind or type ranging from traditional Egyptian musicians to full orchestra, ballet dancers, folk dancers, modern dancers, street dancers, puppet shows; etc. Just let us know what your production requires and we will make sure you have it.

Stunts and Special Effects

Any required stunts or special effects can be executed by local teams of professionals. For difficult higher-budget shoots we can also offer SFX and stunt specialists from abroad.

Athletes & other Talents

If your production requires a craftsman of any kind (glass making, wood crafting, puppet makers, jewelry makers; etc) we can arrange to have them on board for your production. Also we can arrange for any athletes from all types of sports upon your request (Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, swimmer, diverse; etc)

Travel and accommodation

We work with a very skilled and efficient local travel agents who can at all time provide us with best accommodation and air tickets rates. Their services include local and international flights, all kinds of accommodations suitable for all types of budgets. We can also work on accommodation and transportation arrangement in any part of the country.


Filmedia guarantees you the most and the best quality services for your money as we operate on transparent international budgetary standards.

We believe that a good shoot is not only about capturing pretty pictures, it relays profoundly on good management and clear planning which we at Filmedia are experts at.

When you decide to shoot in Egypt we will assist you in making it happen by first observing and understanding your project then determining the cost by studying the specific needs and requirements of your production. Please contact us with as much information as you have about your project: approximate dates of the project, type of production, size of crew and potential of locations.

Once you choose Filmedia as your production partner you have a production office and team that will take care of permits and paperwork, locations scouting and booking, hiring the best crews, equipment and logistics. We will work closely with you to make your project come to life with the best outcomes on the artistic, practical and budgetary levels.

At Filmedia, we like to build our business relations on trust and transparency. Therefore we keep a close collaboration with our clients in all production decisions, whether budgetary or aesthetic. We also provide up-to-date reporting on the planning and production to our clients during the shooting.

Would like also to be truthful with our clients, most of the production professionals in Egypt and maybe many other parts of the world provide you essentially with the same services, some at more discounted rates than others. Here at Filmedia where our costs may be a bit higher than some who are just trying to “break-in” to the industry – please remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”! True in Egypt as well as everywhere else in the world.