We offer full professional support to film-makers shooting in Egypt, Middle East and Africa, through all three phases of the production process: pre-production, production and post-production.


Due to the rapid growth in the film and TV industry in Egypt and the international increasing interest in Egyptian location to shoot feature films, documentaries and commercials the Egyptian market has expanded to fulfill the increasing demand on the high quality equipment required by filmmakers.
Having among our team one of Egypt’s most professional young Director of Photography(D.P) gives us an edge in equipment rental for many reasons. First, having an extensive first hand experience with most if not all ranges of the highly professional equipment in the local market allows us to assess the durability and reliance of the gear that we believe is best suited for your production which at all time is the finest new equipment and accessories available in Egypt. From our experience, making such accurate decisions when renting equipment can always minimize on-location unnecessary delays or problems.
Now comes your part of the job where you have to provide us along with your team of director of photography (DP), sound engineer and your director with a detailed list of the gear you require for shooting in Egypt.
As soon as you do so we will immediately make sure that every item you requested is available for your service. In the rare case where you require a specific item that is not available in the market, our professionals will recommend a suitable substitute.

Professional Crews

Having among our team one of Egypt’s most professional directors of photography who has worked with most if not all the professional crews in Egypt, allows us to understand better the needs of your shoot and propose the most suitable candidates for the best implementation of your project. Egyptian technical crews are extremely qualified professionals known by their efficiency and great level of experience. They are also highly qualified to work with the latest equipments in the market and have worked with some of the most demanding directors and DP’s. Their extensive experiences were obtained not only through working on local and regional productions but also through hundreds of international productions that had taken place in Egypt.

Props and Set construction

Our prop masters at Filmedia can supply any prop or vehicle you might need for your production through rental from local prop stores, shops, museums, and antique collections. Everything from furniture, Weapons, earthenware, glass, metal jugs and vessels, tools, helmets, boxes, or breakaway objects. We can also provide modern or vintage classic cars, trucks, 4×4, trailers, busses, planes. We can even supply rusty unused vehicles or parts. You ask for it, you get it.
We will also make the props for you in case you require an item that is hard to find. Our extremely professional craftsmen in Egypt are capable of creating it for your production need. Just let us know what you need and it will be there.

Costumes & Styling

At Filmedia we have the facilities and personnel to provide you with any type of customs your production might need from a small photo shoot to feature films with large casts. You can benefit from our teams’ vast applied knowledge and energy in sourcing costumes.
In addition, we have excellent relationships with leading fashion, theatre and film costume designers in order to supply individual requirements where needed by our clients.
Currently our database includes full collections of army uniforms, Pharaonic, Roman, Islamic, Barbarian, Medieval, Royal and Peasant, Fantasy and much more.

Makeup artists

Make-up is a critical element in any production whether it is photographic photo session, film, live shows television or theatre. At Filmedia we understand the difference make-up brings to any production.
At Filmedia we deal with the best make-up artists in Egypt and Middle East who are highly capable of translating the vision of the stylist or the director to bring the character to life whether it is a basic beauty make-up for a photo shoot or special effects make-up or period related make-up.

Food styling

We can offer food stylists who are experts in working with variety of products for different media including: print advertising, packaging, brochures, editorial, TV commercials and motion pictures by blending the science of food preparation with the intricate details of styling food.


At Filmedia we handle all logistics your production might need in high efficiency and with great attention to details. Some of what we can offer is the following:
Transport/Transfers for crew and cast.
Transport of equipment and props.
Help with finding and booking hotel rooms where needed.
On shoot drivers and production assistants.
Catering and Unit Support.
Full or Partial Catering via trusted suppliers.
Unit Base management and security.
Unit base telecoms.
Provision of physical production premises where needed.