Filming in Egypt

Filmedia is a collaborative effort of highly experienced academic professionals who are driven by their passion for media production and have pursued that passion through acquiring higher degrees in cinematography, film production, and mass communication at Egypt’s most prestigious universities. Since then they followed their dreams and worked on many small and huge productions with many distinguished Egyptian and international directors and producers.

After being part of many productions for several years after graduating they were able to observe certain areas that were not professional enough taking place in the production industry. It is then when those individuals who share similar dreams and expectation for the production industry in Egypt got together on the hope that they can provide clients with a world class, cutting edge production services and to raise level of standards in the production industry field in Egypt. Filmedia is an outgrowth of serious passion, academic knowledge and desire for perfection.

Our Philosophy

At Filmedia we understand that clients usually have expectations and we are extremely committed to creating projects that achieve our clients’ goals. But we are also motivated by the belief that filmmaking is a form of art that can be as engaging, provocative, innovative and compelling as any other respected form of art.

We at Filmedia have committed ourselves to always operate in the highest standards and levels of professional conducts and constantly embrace authenticity and aim to create a community where filmmaking is as beautiful and effective as it is profitable.

At Filmedia we are passionate about our work. Every project is very important for us. No matter how big or small is the budget, how famous the client is; we are equally stimulated by every project we work on

Why Egypt

Our experienced, extremely creative, resourceful, and reliable team is committed to providing you with the highest production values by embracing the latest film and video technologies, recruiting the most talented crews and dedicating maxing time and effort to bring your project to life with the maximum quality and professionalism. Knowing the needs and requirements in current times, we at Filmedia strive to provide our clients with the most reasonable budgets without having to compromise the quality of the final product.

At Filmedia, we like to build our business relations on trust and transparency. Therefore we keep a close collaboration with our clients in all production decisions, whether budgetary or aesthetic. We also provide up-to-date reporting on the planning and production to our clients during the shooting. Not only that, but we understand cultural and work style differences and know how to smooth over the rough spots when and if they do appear before, during, or even after shooting.

Because at Filmedia we value the importance of international connections and because of our keenness in finding solutions for our clients and meeting their growing needs we expanded our services to cover Dubai and Jordan.