Filming in Egypt

Egypt does not only have one of the most stable climates in the Middle East and Mediterranean region. But the real treasure of Egypt is its rich variety of locations and its exceptional ability to “clone” or provide replicas of other parts of the globe.

Whether you need to replicate a foreign location or you need something new, the chances are that you can find it in Egypt. All these locations are fresh to international audiences, cost very little, and are easy to manage and get permits for.

Beside Egypt being a very ancient land and home of the Pharos, it has been conquered and colonized by many civilizations during its long history; each of which left its architectural mark.

As soon we receive your script, storyboard, or just give us a description of what you are looking for we will find a choice of locations that fit the requirements of the script, budget, and geographical limits, for the director to choose from. With our knowledge of the country and extended experience in the field, we are able to give the best advice on all aspects of shooting in Egypt.