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Wicked 2

🎬 Exciting News! 🎬 We at Filmedia Production are thrilled to announce our successful collaboration on the international movie "Wicked 2" Filmed in Egypt ( White Desert ), and we are proud to have executed our roles to perfection. This project has been a significant learning curve for everyone involved, and we couldn't be prouder of the results.

  • Visual effects supervisorPaula Gonzalez
  • Visual Effects CoordinatorPaula Gonzalez
  • ProducerAhmed Kardous
  • Executive ProducerHani Kardous
  • Head of ProductionMohamed Kardous
  • Visual effects supervisorAhmed Gobba
  • Cinematography Drone OpAhmed Zidan
  • Production ManagerMahmoud Turbo
  • Visual Effects CoordinatorOmar Manjouneh

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